Event Management


Medics Management Services has organised many medical conferences, both local and international. Our experience in this area covers the whole breadth- from calling for abstracts to the final printing of conference proceedings. We market exhibition stands in conferences, source for conference sponsors and ensure that all proceeds are accounted for. We have an extensive data-base of professionals from the different medical sub-specialities and have the capacity to manage successful medical product launches and training sessions where we source for competent facilitators. Our specific competencies in this area are:

  • Conference & symposia organization

  • Product launches

  • Training Seminars



Medical Journals  Management


One of Medics Management Services (MMS’s) main objectives is to provide reliable secretariat management services to professional medical associations where we provide daily management and logistical support. These services are rendered in direct liaison with associations’ officials:

  • Correspondence with individual members

  • Membership recruitment

  • Subscriptions and renewals

  • Maintaining Associations’ files

  • Communicating notice of meetings to members

At  Medics Management Services (MMS) we have vast experience in journal management and a track record of high quality journals that we have published on behalf of clients. We provide administrative support to journal editors and have an experienced and dedicated staff in our editorial office. Our long experience in medical publications has made advertisers in the health sector trust publications we manage and are comfortable advertising in them. Using our network of subscription agents, we conduct targeted campaigns that introduce journals to readers and reviewers worldwide. We also arrange for International Standards Serial Number registration which facilitates journals’ acquisition by libraries world-wide since it uniquely identifies peer-reviewed journals. Our specific services in management are:

  • Medical Information Services

  • Publishing

  • Copy editing

  • Typesetting

  • Printing

  • Binding

  • Circulation

  • Subscriptions

  • ISSN Registration

  • Advertising